Thursday, 14 May 2015

Term 2 goals 2015

My goal is to think before acting...

What do I need to do to achieve this:
- Try put myself in others shoes first.
- Picking a right time to say something.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Captain Taniwha and The Slimy Space Snot from the Galactic Nose.

The Mako seemed to draw closer, opening its jaws full of rows crammed with teeth to consume the ship, with evil in those black dot eyes. A small light was flashing eject in deep red quickly, lighting up the dark. Taniwha looked at the light quickly, pressing it to shoot out of the water.
But the button didn't seem to activate the ejecting booster. Cap. Taniwha pressed it again. Not working. He pressed it more, going into spamming it. Glancing at the shark that was circling the spaceship, looking for a meal, spotting the ships left wing to bite at, shaking the whole space craft as it crunched on the tip of the navy blue wing. Taniwha briskly got out of the control seat, pushing at the button, jumping off to find anything else. The seat rocketed off suddenly, hissing as it shot through the ceiling, letting the ship close the hatch it went through. 
Eject seat! How predictable that is! Cap. Taniwha thought, looking at the seat shoot off through the murky water.

The giant mako swam around steadily by reason of the icy water. Opening its large, triangular toothed jaws again, turning to face the cockpit, looking through the window for anything inside, not seeing any movement with its piggy eyes, slowly stalking to the side again. Taniwha hid under the desk, pulling apart the wires to find the control panel for the hatch, pushing a small switch to open the hatch, letting ocean water and seaweed rush in. 

Jaws went full pelt and bit the front with a massive and hunger filled force, crunching the ships front, wrinkling its flat nose aggressively. A cloud of crimson blood swarmed the ship and shark, making everything invisible within it. The shark shot back from the cloud a little, losing a tooth from the force of the ship.

That giant fish probably tried to keep the wolf from the door by eating the space ship. Cap. Taniwha went below the submerged ship and hungry shark, quickly going up to the shallower waters. Having pressed the auto pilot on the ship was a good idea, making it slowly putter to the shore with deep shark tooth marks in the bonnet.