Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Patrick star

Patrick star,lies lazily on his large,hot bolder, He wasn't sure what to do on a sleepy afternoon on Thursday.

This bright, pink starfish,that had no nose,although he has fingerless and toeless limbs. He had only one tooth in his upper jaw,he has no hair too. Patrick's face was also a thing so funny a potbelly pig would choke on laughter.

Patrick's neighbour, SpongeBob was his best buddy. SpongeBob's curiosity and Patrick's silly dumbfoundedness wasn't going to break their friendship.Patrick wasn't really good at jokes either.

Patrick's other neighbour, Squidward was a awesome artist, well he thought he was.
Squidward didn't think SpongeBob and Patrick were his friends, but his really annoying neighbours.
The pale greenish blue squid was the worst clarinet player in bikini bottom.

Patrick had a nice life in his neighbourhood playing with his friends and going to the theme park that's really exciting, Gloveworld.

Spongebob's job, as a burger chef, was nice to Patrick since he gets free hot,tasty food from the Krusty Krab.


  1. I love your story lauren. Patrick sounds funny. I love how you describe him. Mum x

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