Thursday, 12 June 2014

The queen's purse

I couldn't sleep.knowing that the queen stashed her purse, with silk so soft as a black panther's coat, on her mahogany bedside cabinet. I slowly got out of bed and went to the door that lead to the 2nd floor corridor. The corridor looked very ghostly at midnight, even the moonlight gives it a graveyard atmosphere.
There were some muffled voices - guards! There was a large plant pot nearby. I
dived behind it and a few seconds later there were half a dozen pairs of jet black polished shoes skimming the ghostly hallway doors.
When they have gone past, I crawled out behind the plant pot, then press footed over to a stair case at the other end of the hall which seemed to go 12 metres up. It probably took me 2 minutes to run up the stairs with tripping up 5 times. On the 3rd floor, 1st class, it looked like the posh hallway cost more than an arm and a leg. But the floor was quite creaky, creaking now and then when I stepped down the hall. When I reached the queen's bedroom which was at the end of the hall, -there was a pause- then I slowly opened the into a cream white room with a deep purple ceiling and a ebony black wooden floor.
There were beautifully decorated windows on the overside of the enchanted room. There was a small mahogany cabinet beside a great crazy quilted bed that made the room look tiny. On the cabinet was a
Softy stitched, diamond and ruby encrusted purse that sparkled in the moonlight.
Crawling over to it, I quickly grabbed it and opened the purse slowly, It was as soft as any of the finest strands of silk in the world. Golden lined and glittery, there were a large amount of odd artefacts and things in the purse, four life sized corgi plushies, a golden desert eagle gun, some packets of instant fancy tea and a pair of high heels with diamonds shaped as scooby doo and also what seemed to be a miniature living manatee, there were much more odd things in the purse.
I quickly closed the purse that glistened and shimmered.
Then I placed it back on the mahogany cabinet and scooped out through the doorway to the 2nd floor.

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