Monday, 23 September 2013

Cultural festival 2013

Tonight's the night!
After many weeks of practice,it was the cultural festival night.
I was very nervous about the night ,over 1,000 people looking on to the stage...
It was a huge place,someone could fit 100 elephants in there...
There were ten other schools waiting in line to get on the stage to preform.
It was scary waiting on backstage to get on the stage to do the Haka (the boys do the Haka) and other Maori songs.
The girls wore a black dress each,also black lipstick and a bunch of feathers in their hair.
Some of the girls had a feather earring on their right ear,I was one of them.
The boys had no shirt and only had black shorts and a piupiu each.
After our performance we got a small water bottle each from Rolleston dairy.
Also we took off our feather earrings and stuff.
We sat on the 2nd top row of the seats.
The end...

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