Monday, 10 November 2014

Accident story (dialogue)

  'Ow!' a large echoing cry came out of the thick forest after a small thud that sounded painful. Everything was just heard in this forest, it was hard to see, hear, even breathe in it. It had wild flowers to bizarre looking ferns and stones with small patches of moss on them.
  "What was that?" Jeremy exclaimed loudly through the thickness of the air, "it sounded painful."
  "Probably an animal that got trapped." George replied quickly,"There was a few White-tailed deer around where it came from before."
  "I'm going to check it out" called back Jeremy, quietly walking in the bush to the cry.
  "Fine, you will!" Hissed George, looking away for a moment of hesitation and turning to the figure that was now Jeremy far away, "Oi! Wait up!" He ran after Jeremy quickly.

Moss-covered stones sat happily in a blue tinted stream which seemed to go forever, while small, young ferns sprouted out of large, very old and wrinkled trees that lived around many decades. A few violent green birds fluttered past as fat, small grey budgies perch on small twigs that could just hold their weight.
  "Shoo shoo!" Said George, waving his left hand a bit in the air, quiet angry about the friendly birds flying past, "get your own person to swoop on!" He swore something too that Jeremy heard.
  "They don't understand you when you say nasty things and swipe your hand about." Jeremy said hastily, frowning so his eyebrows made one long, dark brown monobrow. "I quite like them flying past, gives the impression that you're not alone."
  "Well it gives me the impression that I'm going to get bombarded with the bird's leavings." George replied quickly without hesitation. It was about an hour when they seen odd things, blue rocks, purple flowers poking out of  old, rotten bits of wood. there was a few small poppies that poked oddly out of a small patch of grass.
A jet black crow came into the distance, saying with one eye open, 'Don't pick 'em, you'll get an infection for a week.'
George and Jeremy got to a small cliff to find a figure, a bit smaller than jeremy, hanging on a rope tied to a tree. With an angry face. It was Becca tapshoe, around  in the top twenty of the nastiest in the school that George went to, not as nasty as Gemma bitterly though, which had a tongue like a camel which spat all the time, she even looked like a camel amazingly. Anyway, that was a different story.
  "Oh great, you two nitwits are here, yay! she said sarcastically,"I don't need your help" she added nastily.
 "Okay, we'll leave you here", said George,"Just dangling there until one of your friends comes along and-" he stopped," what are you doing here?" he said quickly.
  "I smell trouble coming..." muttered Jeremy.
  "None of your bees wax", toyed Becca,"Just me... a fashion queen, taking a stroll through the forest, then wam!" she said, quite dramatically."Now I'm here, hanging upside down, on this ugly, no for good, rope."
  "Well do you need help?" toyed George,"We could just-"
  "Ahh," hesitated Becca fakely then she spelt," N-O, no! I don't need any help from you two smellies."
 "Come Jeremy, I don't think this fish wants to swim  again." George indicated for Jeremy to follow out of the small clearing.
  "Okay okay!" Becca shouted to them, which ran through the woods, a few birds took off and speed away, "I need your help then."
  "And? What else?" Protested Jeremy
She moaned, "I'm a bogey face, there! I said it! Now can you let me down before something comes and eats me."
Possibly after ten minutes of  struggling and anger, the three were back in the forest, slowly making their way to the road. A large outline of a bear like animal came to view through the thick forest, which disappeared into the bush. They never knew what it was.

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