Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Gone craypotting ( Hiwi the kiwi story)

A few screeching seagulls followed us as we advanced our way to where Dad's craypots were.
Dad and I were craypotting with Moe, Dads friend that had eyes that stuck out like a pugs. We were on Dad's deep blue stabicraft, when we headed out near silver bay, where a pink and two yellow body's bobbed up and down quickly.
The small winch whirred feebly as rope flew on the small deck. Slowly but surely , a square figure came out of the sea, full of spiky crays and a large, ugly figure that squirmed about like a worm, a Conger eel. It was uglier than a hag, pale black and as big as a plumbing pipe, 
writhing and struggling to get free.
Dad quickly pulled it out and cut its head off before it could bite a cray. 
The Conger eel, about ten minutes later was fed to the gulls and served as bait for the next pot. It could have been placed back in the ocean. Not even fed to the seagulls. We headed back to the docking site, with plenty of crays and conger eel bait in the bucket for next time we go craypotting.

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  1. 2 stars:
    ~ there is a lot of descriptive vocabulary
    ~ it has a great hook, I want to read more!!!
    1 wish:
    ~ make sure all of your spelling is correct.