Monday, 30 March 2015

Print making + reflection.

Tools - you will need 'em all....
- a pair of scissors ( optional, for cutting the polystyrene ).
- a pencil ( for outlining the stamp ). 
- a black and white paper ( printed ) photo of you facing towards the camera.
- printing ink ( any colour ).
- an A4 piece of paper, coloured or white.
- two rollers, one for pressing the paper down, the other for rolling the ink onto the stamp.
- a polystyrene tray, a washed one from the supermarket will do. 
- a bit of tape, to stick down the photo.
- a few days
- patience!

To create your stamp.

You need the black 'n' white photo to start, stick it ( with tape ) onto the polystyrene tray. Outline yourself in the photo with a pencil. Pierce the lighter bits on you ( in the photo ) softly with various things, rulers, flat erasers, etc. To put some dept into it so the lighter bits don't come up on the print. Sometime later, take off the photo, laying some printing ink onto the tray. Roll it out with one of the rollers to even it out. Place the piece of paper on, rolling it down with the other roller. Peel the paper off in some time, leaving it to dry for about three days.

I don't really like the print I did since it has barely any detail, not clean, bold, trimmed. The first one I like only because of the colour. 

I would change almost everything, it's pink and not really good enough around the eyes, I should've left  
Everything else in the photo on.

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