Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Big and bigger story starter.

Shawn flouted up, how high would he go? A thought settled. "All your fault!" Shouted Steve suddenly, trying to flail his sausage arms around in the air, his face as red as a ripe tomato, with his giant double chin forming into four. 
  "Not going to work, Pig face." Shawn replied, as Steve struggled more, not noticing his emergency Swiss army pocket knife, ( which was used for cutting chicken nuggets, the only use for Steve so far ) was pushing into his inflated sausage leg. 
Steve cried, " Mummy! I need you!" As he flailed around more, slowly moving around like a huge blimp, turning around gracefully onto his side, having his small, pig legs poke out quite hilariously.
Shawn laughed, not taking notice of a figure coming their way. Shawn tried to find a way of getting down, failing to do so though.
There was a hissing noise, but not heard over the large roaring sound in the distance. A Chicken nugget airlines express plane was on their trail, a large pop was heard in the distance a few moments later. Filling the air with a stench of half eaten chicken, floating up to high above the sky. A few birds dropped dead from the sky onto the road, because of the change of wind.
A peaceful afternoon later, with nice red sky and dead birds on the ground. A party was going on indoors, since the angry cloud of gas was still stirring up a storm of stink. The kids in the neighbourhood were having a disco celebration to celebrate Steve and shawn are gone for good, not caring about the unpleasant smell that will possibly last for a couple of days. Toasting  a cup of orange juice, and a few chicken nuggets with tomato sauce. Mailed directly from the dodgy Chicken nugget airlines, who popped two fat 'weather balloons' on the way over there. 

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